What Are The Different Complications Related To Ivc Filters?

Published December 23, 2015 by ivcrights

ivc-filter-migrationIVC or inferior vena cava is chosen by individuals who cannot take anticoagulants. These filters are used to prevent blood clotting in the body. The healthcare professionals suggest this device only to those patients who usually suffer from anticoagulants ineffectiveness. This device prevents the clot from travelling to the lungs through blood circulation.

But, are you aware of the different complications related to IVC filters. Well, here are few of them-

  • Infection-During the insertion of the filter, there are chances that the bacterial infection. So, to avoid this it is always suggested to follow the sterilization process.
  • Filter fracture- It is a condition that can cause some serious danger to the patient’s health. In some cases, the device may fracture while it is implanted in the inferior vena cava. The fracture may further result in some broken pieces that can travel to other body parts and can cause some serious health problems and a state of emergency if the pieces enter the lungs, heart, or kidney.
  • Pulmonary Embolism- When the blood clot inside IVC travels to lung, it causes pulmonary embolism or PE. It’s a very dangerous medical condition that can result in death.
  • IVC perforation- This is another common complication related to IVC. In this, the strut of the IVC filter may poke through the blood vessel which can lead to serious health complications such as ureteral perforation, duodenal perforation and aortic penetration.
  • Migration- In some situation, the IVC filter can also migrate to other body parts such as lungs or heart through blood flow. This can cause serious health problems to the patients and in some cases, the patient may also have to undergo surgery.

These were just some of the complications that can occur because of IVC. There are many more such as caval thrombosis, internal bleeding and more. A number of people opt for a better way while the best idea is to consult a professional attorney if the situation gets worse. The attorney will help you with the IVC filter lawsuit settlements by representing your case in the court properly.


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